Repashy Superfoods at R&L Aquariums

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Repashy Superfoods at R&L Aquariums


Repashy Superfoods

Repashy Superfoods is a Californian producer of high quality gel fish foods that we are proud to carry at R&L Aquariums!

Repashy is some of the BEST food you can buy for your fish. They are jam packed with so much nutrients, and protein that you are recommended to feed this only 2 to 3 times a week. We treat all our guests here at R&L with multiple kinds of Repashy on a weekly basis to introduce variety to their diet, and provide them with essential nutrients and vitamins they simply dont get from some pellet and flake foods.

Yeah, but what is it?!

It is a gel-mix food, meaning it comes in powder form. Boiling water is added to the powder (Just like Jello!) to create a firm food that can be cut into pieces or fed to your fish in a variety of fashions. Sometimes we stick it to the glass and entice the bottom feeders to come up for their meal!

Repashy’s proprietary gel technology uses soluble algae and plant fibers in a combination that optimizes the gel’s firmness and durability while taking up only 5% of its weight. Typical flake and pellet formulas contain up to 20% binders, and often contain additional fillers, meaning Repashy formulas allow the inclusion of much higher levels of high quality ingredients.

They do a better job of locking in nutrients than flake, pellet, or powdered diets. Water soluble vitamins and other nutrients are locked in the gel itself and remain stable until broken down in the digestive tract.

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Ok, but what is it made of?!

Repashy uses only the highest quality, whole-animal ingredients available; no “fish meal” or other ingredients that are industry rejected byproducts. They use whole fish, whole squid, and whole krill as the backbone of their fish food except in vegan formulas.
There are NO fillers, added starches, or binders such as wheat middling, wheat gluten, wheat flour, corn meal, corn starch, or other cereal starches. All Repashy formulas are gluten free.

Contains no gelatin, which requires refrigeration to set, and is made of the poorly digestible protein collagen. Gelatin levels in other gel feeds can reach 20% of the total formula. Gluten, which is the most commonly used binder in flake and pellets, is also a poorly digestible protein. Both proteins affect the nutritional analysis and misrepresent the amount of high-quality, bio-available protein in a product. These poorly digestible proteins, as well as starch binders, can contribute to water fouling, can cause intestinal blockage, prevent the absorption of other nutrients, and can promote to the occurrence of bloat.

Repashy Gels use no terrestrial animal proteins. They use only high quality aquatic animal proteins and in combination with highly digestible plant and yeast proteins. They also contain no soy products. Soy contains high levels of trypsin inhibitors (an enzyme necessary to absorb proteins) and isoflavones, which are estrogen-like compounds.

It will remain stable in water for 24-48 hours, which promotes natural grazing compared to the “binge and purge” environment created using once or twice a day feeding with flakes or pellets. Slow feeding permits a naturally slow digestion process which is not possible when feeding large amounts and allowing the stomach to empty between feedings. Going away for a few days? Leave them some Repashy to munch on while you're gone!

No artificial food colorings or flavors. Repashy utilizes low temperature gelling agents and do not require a full boil for long periods like gelatin or agar. It requires about 85 degree C for only a few minutes to induce gel formation. This prevents nutrient degradation, especially compared to the typical high-heat processes of pellet extrusion or hot drum flaking, which produce the very high heat/steam required to activate starch and gluten based binders.

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Can you mix the different types together?!

Of Course! We try many different combinations here at R&L. The RedRum is actually suggested to be mixed with other types as it is so full of carotenoids and other pigment enhancing ingredients. We will mix frozen blood worms and brine shrimp in also, depending on what tank of fish we are feeding, and type we are mixing up.

They are also thermo-reversible, meaning if you don’t get a firm gel due to insufficient temperature, you can just reheat and set it again.

Repashy Gels are a very effective way to orally medicate fish. The gel can be heated to the required temperature, and the medication can be mixed in as the gel cools, before it becomes firm.

This reduces temperature damage to medications. The medication will remain locked in the gel as long as the gel remains solid. This permits direct intestinal delivery, which is vastly superior to absorption through medicating the water

We feed ALL, yes ALL our new fish Repashy with the proper medications mixed in as soon as we get them. They get the best food available and have no idea they are also getting treated for anything they may come in with at the same time! 

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We currently offer 10 kinds of Repashy:   

Click on any product name to learn more about that particular formula. 


Spawn & Grow

Insectivorous and carnivorous freshwater fish - This product is designed as a “recovery formula” for malnourished and stressed imported specimens, as well as for conditioning broodstock. Also great for raising fry. This formula is high in fat and not suitable as a staple diet for most species.

Super Green

Vegan algae based gel food for vegetarians like Tropheus. Formula for obligate algae eating herbivorous freshwater fish and invertebrates. Contains no animal products or by-products.

Soilent Green

Meal replacement gel for aufwuchs (algae and small living organisms) eating species of fish, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles.

Super Gold

Specifically developed for exceptional digestion and nutrition in Goldfish & Koi.

Shrimp Soufflé

For shrimp & scavengers, Shrimp Soufflé is a fresh and saltwater “Scavenger Formula” is an omnivore formula specifically designed for aquatic and semi aquatic Invertebrates. It is high in Calcium and has double the carotenoid levels of the other Repashy gel formulas to insure a strong exoskeleton and great coloration.

Red Rum

Carotenoid gel supplement for occasional direct feeding or adding to other Repashy gel formulas to enhance the diet of fish and help bring out their natural colours.

Morning Wood

Super firm, long lasting formula for plecos & fish that like solid wood.

Grub Pie

Insect based (75%) meal replacement gel for insectivorous species of tropical fish. Great for Livebearers, Gourami’s, Catfish and even Amphibians. Insects are raised in the USA on high-quality ingredients.

Community Plus

The community formula – if you want one food that will work for nearly every fish in your tank, this is it! Meal replacement gel for omnivorous species of Freshwater Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates.

Bottom Scratcher

A bottom-feeder favourite! Meal replacement gel for Invertivores of all kinds. All proteins and fats come from Invertebrates. Contains no fish meal.


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