Shell Dwelling Fish (Lamprologine Cichlids) for Freshwater Aquariums

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Shell Dwelling Fish (Lamprologine Cichlids) for Freshwater Aquariums

R&L Aquariums - Lamprologine Cichlids Shell Dwellers


Shell Dwellers are Lamprologine Cichlids that use the empty shells of aquatic snails for breeding and shelter. Shell dwelling cichlids are found throughout the hard alkaline waters of Lake Tanganyika, along the coasts of Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Tanzania.

They use their shells as nurseries for their young. Eggs are laid and fertilized within the shell, they hatch within 2 days, and fry typically will venture from the shell after a week or so.

These freshwater fish are carnivorous so a diet of Northfin fish food daily, supplemented with occasional blood worms, Repashy Spawn & Grow, and live black worms would make for some happy spawning fish!

Lamprologine Cichlid's needs are very similar to any other Lake Tanganyika cichlid so your regular tank setup and equipment will work great, with a shell per fish and sand for their tank substrate in your aquarium.

Shop our shells to create your own shell dweller aquascaping paradise! We often have shell dwelling species in stock as well so be sure to check out our fish list  and stock pages. Complete your Lamprologine Cichlid tank with some rocks, sand, shells, and plants for a fascinating and stunning display!


 *the images in this blog were taken in-house of our stock at R&L Aquariums


R&L Aquariums - Lamprologine Cichlids Shell Dweller