About Us

There’s more to us than just great looking fish!

R&L Aquariums is a small and rapidly growing aquarium company based in Calgary, Alberta. Specializing in African, and South American Cichlids, Plecos, Catfish and more. We import beautiful fish from around the world in our quest to strengthen the aquarium hobby in Canada.

Fish, equipment & supplies are available for local pickup in Calgary, however we have a focus on shipping your fish to you. We know this isn't cheap, and we are continually working to perfect the best Group Order system in the industry to help decrease shipping costs.

Here at R&L we firmly believe in a full quarantine and treatment of all imported fish, and follow a strict treatment schedule each and every time a new order is landed. This enables us to provide the very best quality of fish, free of any diseases and parasites they may come in with. All our livestock come with our "R&L Fish Guarantee" and are promised to be healthy and happy when you receive them. 

Once our fish are aquainted with their temporary homes here at R&L they receive only the best quality foods available. In addition to their NorthFin pellet diet, they also dine on New Life Spectrum, Repashy Superfoods, frozen blood worms, frozen brine and mysis shrimp, live brine shrimp and live black worms. You will find this is the only food we choose to stock as well. 

Our customers enjoy a complete service, which doesn’t simply end upon delivery of goods. We assist in every way possible in order to guarantee our customer's satisfaction and ensure the fish's well-being. Have questions about your new pet? Ask us! We will do our best to help you out with any information we can provide.

R&L Aquariums - About Us