The pictures in your freshwater fish and plants section, are they really the fish and plants R&L currently has in stock?

Yes!  We promise NEVER to use any pictures of livestock or plants on our website that were not taken of the actual item you are looking at. We may not be able to take pictures of all 300 Cardinal tetra we may have gotten in, but will take pics of that shipment and update any existing product on the site with our new pictures. 

You may not receive the exact same fish as in the picture, however you will be receiving one from the same tank, same batch, and the same shipment in to us.

All of our pictures are taken in-house by Eau Claire Photography, located in Calgary, Alberta. 

Do you ship live fish and plants?

Yes!  We ship live fish within Canada via WestJet & Air Canada. Visit our Shipping Info page for rates per box, and visit our Group Orders page to order a smaller quantity and share shipping costs with other hobbiests in your city!

How do I place a livestock order online?

Browse the fish list page and freshwater fish section to determine what you would like to order. Then contact us to start and order.

We have flat rate shipping with WestJet & Air Canada. We also offer other shipping options seasonally, please see our Shipping Info page.

Can I make a livestock and dry good order together?

You can, however it is not recommended. For the simple reason that we can likely fit your dry goods inside the livestock shipping box with no additional shipping charges. If you do make an order together, we can simply deduct the amount you have already paid at checkout for shipping from your livestock shipping amount.

Where do you ship?

Almost anywhere in Canada. We use Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, Greyhound and Purolator for all dry goods. WestJet & Air Canada for Livestock. Please visit our Shipping Info page for more information.

Do you offer free shipping?

Sometimes we are able to. However being small we do not get the rates other larger companies do. Freight is high due to the pandemic, so for now we have had to suspend our free shipping program. It will come back as soon as things get back to normal. Sorry for any inconvieneince. We are offering 5 dollars per bag shipping now.

I have a question about Group Livestock Shipments

We have regular group livestock shipments to most cities in Canada. Please visit our Group Orders page for more information.

Am I able to make a payment right on the website?

We have disabled our checkout and are no longer processing orders or payments on the site. Please contact us with any orders or questions you have and we will process them for you manually. 

Do you have a livestock guarantee or DOA policy?

Of course!  We quarantine all fish that come in to R&L, we sell them only when they are in perfect health. If for some reason you purchase a fish locally from us, and it doesn't make it. Let us know within 48 hours. If you had a fish shipped, let us know within 4 hours of the shipment arriving. Please visit our Policies page for more information. In both cases you will receive a new fish, refund, or credit.

    I'm looking for something specific, I don't see it on your list.

    We are always happy to help source your specialty fish requests. Just send us an e-mail with the specifics of what fish you are looking for and we will look into it for you.

    I want a pair, are you able to sex your fish?

    A lot of the time, our fish are too small to sex reliably. When they are bigger, mistakes can still be made, so for that reason we do not make any promises when it comes to sexing. We will try our best to get you the right fish!

    Is R&L Aquariums on Social Media?

    We sure are! Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

     Do you have a fish list?

    Yes!  We please visit our Fish List page which is updated on a weekly basis. You can also Browse Our Livestock.

    Do you ship to the USA?

    Not at this time although we hope to expand our services as we grow.

    I notice you have a local pickup shipping option, what's this?

    We do have a local pickup shipping option in our checkout yes! If you see anything on our site that you wish to purchase, you can, right away and we will have it bagged and ready to go when you decide you have time to come pick it up. You may wish do do this if you notice that we are low in stock on an item you want, or if you would like a specific piece of driftwood reserved.