Group Livestock Orders

We schedule group livestock orders to cities across Canada! 

Want a fish? $95.00 shipping too much? Try a group order! If you would like to help get one going in your area, contact us and we will help advertise! Once we get a few people on board to split the shipping, it becomes a lot more cost effective.

Group orders enable our customers to save money on shipping and order livestock at any quantity they wish. Shipments are sent via WestJet or Air Canada, and must be picked up at the nearest major Airport. (see table below)


 Group Shipment Process

  1. Send us an e-mail or Facebook message to join or start a group order.
  2. We will respond to confirm current inventory, and let you know how many bags your order will require. You are now on the list!
  3. Once we have enough orders to fill a box, we will contact each person to confirm the order and receive payment. We will keep the bag count updated on this page to give you an idea of how the order is coming along.
  4. We will then book your box on a flight and contact everyone with the flight info and info for your local organizer who will distribute your group's bags at the airport when they arrive.
  5. Pick up the fish from your group's organizer at your local airport or chosen meeting location.
  6. Acclimate your fish properly and enjoy your new swimmers!!

What happens if I wish to add, change or cancel my order?

That's no problem! Though we do try to reserve the fish you order, we may at times get new stock in during the time it takes to fulfill a shipment. You can always add, or remove anything on your order as well as cancel at anytime. We ask that you do so no later than 2 days before shipping date. It isn't fair to the other members of the order if their totals get changed last minute. 

What if I am not available on the day you are shipping?

Once an order is full, everyone in the order will be contacted to confirm they still want their order, and their availability for picking up their shipment. We do not collect payment until everyone confirms, and a date is chosen. 

How are shipping costs split between members of the group order?


You can also find more information regarding shipping on our Shipping Info page.

How do I pay for my order?

Once the order is confirmed, and a date is set. You will receive an invoice for your order. You may then make a payment by sending and EMT, or you can securely make a payment here on our website by using the Payment Tool. We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

Who is the shipment contact?

If you would like to arrange a shipment to your area, please contact us and let us know! Our order contacts are usually rewarded for their work in making sure everyone locally gets their order, by receiving a discount on their portion of the order. Or maybe a little something extra is placed in the box for them! Which they also usually get to keep!
If we arrange an order, we will ask people involved if they wish to be the contact.

I also want dry goods, can they be added to the livestock order?

Yes! This is the best time to save on shipping if you want some live plants, food, lights, caves or other items. Let us know when ordering if you would like to add anything on.

If you have any other questions, please contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If emailing us to order, please include the following details:

Subject Line: Group Order Request

  • Fist Name
  • Last Name
  • Location
  • Type of fish
  • Quantity requested

Check out our Shipping Info page for additional information regarding your order.

Below is a list of available air cargo handling facilities for both major airlines we use to ship our livestock.


WestJet Air Canada Shipping Destinations