Shipping Info

R&L Aquariums is proud to offer shipping anywhere in Canada!


All livestock is shipped using same day air service via WestJet. Air Canada has become too expensive for small business.
We can seasonally offer livestock shipping with Greyhound and FedEx, however our "R&L Fish Guarantee" does not apply to these shipments.

We use a minimum of 11x10x9 inch Styrofoam boxes to ship our fish. This helps to prevent rough handling that may occur when small packages are shipped.

Livestock boxes typically fit 12-20 bags, depending on the order. All Livestock orders will be charged a 9.00 box fee, per box, in addition to the shipping price. Heat packs are required seasonally and will be included when necessary at no additional cost.

  • Shipping Charges WestJet: $95.00 / box

  • Shipping Charges Air Canada $185.00 / box

  • Additional boxes with both carriers are roughly half the price of the first box.

  • We are currently negotiating shipping prices with our carriers, our rates will improve with time, and quantity of shipments. Thank you for your support!


Check out our Group Orders page for information on sharing shipping costs with local fish enthusiasts in your city!


Plant orders can be shipped ground, via Canada Post, FedEx, Purolator, and Greyhound. For now each plant only order will require a manual quote. You may add plants to your cart and checkout. We will get in touch to confirm shipment details and inventory are confirmed. Alternatively you can ask for a shipping quote before placing an order.. 

Dry Goods

Dry Goods such as pleco caves, food, lights, and driftwood etc. will be calculated at checkout, and will depend on the shipping method chosen by customer. Some items such as large pieces of driftwood have set rates and will reflect in checkout. If you would like us to send you a manual shipping quote for your items, leave them in your cart and contact us. You may wish to do this if you feel your items can be sent by regular mail or another carrier like FedEx or UPS. We currently do not support those carriers in our checkout. You may also have your own shipping account. Maybe you feel the checkout calculation is incorrect. let us know!

If participating in group livestock orders, we can usually accommodate some dry goods in the shipment as well.

You can also find additional shipping information on our F.A.Q. page.

Below is a list of available air cargo handling facilities for both major airlines we use to ship our livestock.


Please visit our Policies page for information regarding returns and livestock policies.