AquaTop Aquaflow Sponge Filter

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We at R&L use these sponge filters in EVERY tank. They create a suction, pulling any larger particles into them as they release air from the top. They clean, and aerate your tank, as well as create surface water movement, helping to prevent algae buildup. 

That's not all! Beneficial bacteria grow and live in the filter, which helps to keep your tank cycled and water parameters in the normal range. 

Even if you have a hang on back, or canister filter, these little guys are a great addition to your aquarium. 

With an airlift system, super biochemical sponge filter features silent operation, and has an excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water. The specially developed foam materials support the colonization of bacteria, allowing for mechanical and biological filtration, which will break down harmful ammonia and nitrite material resulting in a cleaner living environment for your fish. Particularly useful as a breeding filter or as a secondary filter. Will reduce noise from the air pump and consumes low wattage. Most fit to external or top filters as a pre-filtration unit. No dead spots in cylinder foam offering full filtration.